4 Cutting-Edge Landscape Design Trends of 2024

Like years before, 2024 has brought innovative landscape design trends that reshape how we engage with our outdoor spaces. At The Noll Landscape Group, it’s our job to keep up with these emerging creative trends to better serve our clients in the Indianapolis area. So, here are four ways to breathe creativity into the landscaping in your outdoor space.

Spring Into Action: 5 Steps to Prep Your Yard This Spring

When spring arrives, it brings a time of renewal and rebirth, not just for nature but for our yards as well. As the frost thaws and the first green buds appear, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and dive into spring yard work. The Noll Landscape Group has been a trusted partner to Fisher’s homeowners, helping to ease the burden of landscape maintenance for years. We’ve seen it time and again: If you take the time to prep your yard now, you can set the stage for a lush, healthy landscape for the months to come. Here are five things to do in your yard to prepare for the new season.

A Landscape Maintenance Guide: 4 Tips to Winterize Your Yard

Winter’s chill may be on the horizon, but it’s not too late to ensure your Fisher’s landscape is prepared for the season. At The Noll Landscape Group, we know that even with your busy schedule, you still want to maintain a beautiful outdoor space. We’ve helped countless families with landscape maintenance and can offer some tips and tricks for preparing your property for the coming winter. In this guide, we’ll explore four valuable tips to help you winterize your property and protect its beauty throughout the colder months

4 Reasons to Choose The Noll Landscape Group

When looking for an exceptional landscaping company, homeowners are faced with many considerations. Choosing a company with a variety of services, stellar customer service, and a fantastic reputation is a great place to start. At The Noll Landscape Group, we offer several landscaping services, leaving our customers proud and satisfied. Today, we are sharing the top four reasons why you should give us a call when planning for your next landscaping project.

3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Landscape Designer

Many people want their homes to reflect their personality, but they don’t know how to bring their ideas to life. At The Noll Landscaping Group, our experts are ready to help you create your desired outdoor oasis. We know that picking the perfect landscaping company for your home project can be a daunting task, so we’ve outlined three things to look for to help you find the best landscape designer to meet your needs.

5 Benefits of Using a Landscape Designer

You probably know what it’s like to pass by a home, admiring its beautiful curb appeal. Part of what contributes to curb appeal is landscape design. However, not everyone is skilled at identifying what plants thrive and play into the home’s aesthetic. That’s why it helps to use a professional landscape designer. In this post, The Noll Landscape Group covers five benefits of using a landscape designer. 

Late Winter Landscaping Tips to Prepare for Spring

February in the Midwest is usually when people are absolutely over winter. Naturists can’t wait to see the first signs of spring, and they eagerly await the first blooms and warmer weather. Interestingly, many people believe they must wait until May to begin garden and yard activities. However, you can take active steps during February and March to prepare. In this post, The Noll Landscaping Group explains. 

How to Use Evergreens for Landscaping Trees

Evergreen trees are a fantastic landscaping option for Indiana residents. After all, they maintain their color in the dead of winter when nothing else does. In addition, evergreens make great landscaping trees because they come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, they can really compliment your other landscape and provide utility. In this post, The Noll Landscape Group describes types of evergreens to help you determine whether one might work for you.

7 Last-Minute Fall Landscape Ideas Anyone Can Do

Autumn is in full swing, and Halloween is nearly here. If you’ve been slow to prepare for the season, The Noll Landscape Group is here to provide you with fun, last-minute ideas to spruce up your landscape. If you just enjoy reviewing fun ideas or want inspiration for next season, you’ll enjoy the information here, too. Without further adieu, we present seven last-minute fall landscape ideas.

Spring Cleanup Is Essential for Year-Round Lawn and Bed Health

Spring is the most important time of year for landscaping. A good spring cleanup and maintenance routine prepares your lawn for a year of healthy growth. Get your lawn off to a good start with professional spring cleanup services from The Noll Landscape Group in Fishers, IN.