February in the Midwest is usually when people are absolutely over winter. Naturists can’t wait to see the first signs of spring, and they eagerly await the first blooms and warmer weather. Interestingly, many people believe they must wait until May to begin garden and yard activities. However, you can take active steps during February and March to prepare. In this post, The Noll Landscaping Group explains. 

Late Winter Landscaping Tips To Prepare for Spring

Late Winter Landscaping 

As it turns out, you can take several steps in February and March to prepare for the spring. Most of these tips should occur in March, so don’t worry if you feel behind. You aren’t.


February provides the perfect opportunity to prune fruit trees, vines, and plants. Grapevines offer a good example, as well as all fruit trees and fruit-bearing plants, such as berries. However, keep in mind this applies only to fruit, whereas you should leave trees and shrubs that flower during spring alone. February is also a great time to go through pots and containers, clean them out, and stage them for spring.

Early March

Things heat up during March. Okay, not always a ton in terms of temperature but certainly when it comes to late winter landscaping.

During March, keep an eye on how the ground softens as you want to transplant any trees and plants when the ground isn’t too hard, but the plants are still dormant. You can also take this time to apply fertilizer to trees and shrubs. At the same time, go ahead and cut back ornamental grasses. Finally, prune shrubs that flower in the summer. You’ll want to do all of these things before new growth occurs. 

Since you’re outside, why not take the time to begin spring cleaning for landscaping? Clearing your lawn of leaves, edging flower beds, removing debris from around the yard, and getting a headstart on mulch get you up and moving and put you in an excellent position for the spring. 

Late March

After March 15th, you can typically perform these late winter landscaping tasks:

  • Remove any winter protection coverings.
  • Check for disease. 
  • Apply dormant oil spray to ornamentals and disease spray for anything that needs it.
  • Consider applying pre-emergent weed control.

Year-Round Maintenance Yields Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful landscaping requires work, but you’ll find that performing seasonal activities keeps your pride and joy healthy and extends its life. The same is true for lawns, outdoor features, and many aspects of homeownership. You may find it helpful to create a year-round landscape calendar to help separate seasonal tasks and use it as a reminder throughout the year.

Late-Winter Landscaping Tips

Hopefully, these late winter landscaping tips will help you get moving as you prepare for spring. However, it’s okay if you aren’t a master gardener because that’s what we do at The Noll Landscape Group. In addition to landscape design, installation, and maintenance, we also offer outdoor kitchens, lighting, patio design, water, and fire features. Call (317) 841-7559 to discuss premier landscaping solutions in Carmel, Fishers, and nearby.