You probably know what it’s like to pass by a home, admiring its beautiful curb appeal. Part of what contributes to curb appeal is landscape design. However, not everyone is skilled at identifying what plants thrive and play into the home’s aesthetic. That’s why it helps to use a professional landscape designer. In this post, The Noll Landscape Group covers five benefits of using a landscape designer. 

5 Benefits of Using a Landscape Designer

1. Increase Your Home’s Property Value

When you have a well-designed landscape, your home’s value increases. This happens because buyers are willing to pay more for a house that doesn’t require improvements. This is not only true with the home’s appliances, roof, windows, and HVAC, but also with the exterior appearance. In fact, many people make buying decisions shortly after arrival, and curb appeal plays an essential role in the decision. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, it’s worth investing in landscape design now.

2. Transform Your Outdoor Space with Features 

A landscape designer can help you add features to your outdoor space that transform it entirely. For example, water features and fire features offer outdoor living space. Additionally, outdoor kitchens add value and functionality. These features can make your outdoor space more functional and enjoyable.

3. Blend Elements That Complement the Space

Don’t relegate yourself to box flowerbeds. Choose plants and features that complement the shape of your winding driveway, for example. You can also leverage existing landscaping by selecting complementary pieces. When working with a landscape designer, you can ensure they carefully choose the plants and other elements to complement the space. This creates a cohesive and well-designed look.

4. Improve Functionality and Usability

A landscape designer can also help improve the functionality of your outdoor space. For example, they can help you create a more private outdoor living space or add features that make it easier to entertain guests. You can also connect it to the home’s interior and design an indoor/outdoor area. Ultimately, this can make your outdoor space more enjoyable to use. Even better is that it can improve your home’s value.

5. Improve Efficiency and Save Money

When you have a well-designed landscape, it will be easier to maintain. This is because designers will place the plants in areas where they can thrive and won’t need as much water or care. As a result, you’ll save time and money on maintenance. A landscape designer can help you achieve these goals while recommending plants native to your area. 

Contact The Noll Landscape Professionals

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a landscape designer. If you’re considering improving your outdoor space, then be sure to consult with a landscape professional. The designers at The Noll Landscape Group can help you create a space in Carmel, Fishers, and the surrounding areas that is both beautiful and functional. Call (317) 841-7559 for more information.