When spring arrives, it brings a time of renewal and rebirth, not just for nature but for our yards as well. As the frost thaws and the first green buds appear, it’s time to shake off the winter blues and dive into spring yard work. The Noll Landscape Group has been a trusted partner to Fisher’s homeowners, helping to ease the burden of landscape maintenance for years. We’ve seen it time and again: If you take the time to prep your yard now, you can set the stage for a lush, healthy landscape for the months to come. Here are five things to do in your yard to prepare for the new season.

The Noll Landscape Group Fishers spring yard work

1. Remove Debris and Branches

To begin with, we recommend removing old leaves, twigs, and other debris that have gathered after months of cold weather. If left unattended, these remnants can suffocate your grass and harbor fungal diseases. Clearing them away helps stop this and encourages better air circulation and sunlight exposure, which is crucial for the new growth.

2. Precision Edging

To establish a polished look, spade-edge the borders of mulch beds and around tree bases. Neatly defined edges make everything look tidy and well-maintained. Edging also serves a practical purpose by creating barriers for grass roots and preventing mulch from scattering onto the lawn.

3. Freshen up Your Mulch Beds

After edging, renew your beds with a generous layer of fresh mulch. Not only does mulch give your landscape a fresh appearance, but it also helps retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and suppress weeds. Choose a high-quality mulch that complements your landscape design and bolsters the health of your plantings. If you need help, our team can choose the best type of mulch for your particular beds.

4. Trim Your Trees

Next, give your trees and shrubs the attention they deserve with careful trimming. Cutting back overgrown branches promotes healthy growth and shapes the silhouette of your woody plants. A good rule of thumb is to remove any dead, diseased, or damaged wood and any growth that crosses or rubs together. If left unchecked, this can invite disease to your property.

5. Get a Jumpstart on Weed Control

A pre-emergent herbicide can be an ace up your sleeve when fighting against weeds. Applying it early in the season can stop many common weeds before they start. Remember, timing is everything. Apply too early, and it may not last through the growing season; too late, and the weeds will have already gained ground. If you hire The Noll Landscape Group to maintain your beds, our professionals continue weeding throughout the spring and summer to keep weeds at bay.

While these steps are helpful for homeowners everywhere, sometimes bringing in the pros can save you time and ensure everything is done just right. If these tasks seem daunting or you’re pressed for time, consider enlisting The Noll Landscape Group’s expertise. From one-off spring cleaning to regular lawn care, we’re equipped to help your landscape flourish. Along with seasonal care, we offer biweekly services, including weeding, deadheading, and sucker cutting, ensuring your yard remains in top shape. We also provide landscape design, patio design, outdoor lighting solutions, and more.

If spring cleaning your Fishers yard feels like a mammoth task, contact The Noll Landscape Group at (317) 841-7559 or schedule a consultation online.  Let us handle the spring yard work so all you have to do is enjoy the view.