Like years before, 2024 has brought innovative landscape design trends that reshape how we engage with our outdoor spaces. At The Noll Landscape Group, it’s our job to keep up with these emerging creative trends to better serve our clients in the Indianapolis area. So, here are four ways to breathe creativity into the landscaping in your outdoor space.

The Noll Landscape Group Indianapolis Landscape Design Trends

1. Low Maintenance Landscaping

Life is busy. We get it. Because of this, we’ve noticed a shift towards more low-maintenance landscapes. This trend is all about creating beautiful, sustainable spaces that thrive with minimal intervention. Think native plant species adapted to Indianapolis’s climate, ground covers that suppress weeds and require less trimming, and perennials that return yearly without much fuss.

These selections are perfect for those looking for beauty without the burden, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space rather than maintaining it. Plants such as ornamental grasses, dwarf shrubs, and self-sufficient garden beds are the cornerstones of this effortless feel. Our landscape designers can help you choose the right look for your property while keeping it easy to maintain. We also offer landscape maintenance services to keep your yard looking beautiful. 

2. Bold and Beautiful Plant Choices

This year is all about colors and injecting your personality into your space. The widespread trend of making a statement with unique colors and designs has moved from the interior of homes into the garden. Bold colors are not just for pillows and wall art anymore; outdoor spaces are becoming the new canvas for vibrant expression.

We recommend integrating plants with colorful blooms and foliage for those looking to make a splash. Not only can bright plants show off your personality, but they also tend to attract pollinators, bringing life and activity to your landscape.

3. Designing with the Land in Mind

Working with your property’s natural features and topography is tied to the larger movement of ecological design. Custom landscapes that respect and utilize the natural layout of the land are sustainable and can significantly enhance your property. Terracing on a slope, natural rock features, or water features in wet areas can solve landscaping challenges and create a unique, engaging environment. These approaches turn potential problems into standout features, exemplifying the art of harmonizing landscaping with the natural world.

4. Functional Spaces

Landscaping trends also show a rise in the demand for functional outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are looking to transform their yards into extensions of their homes. This involves designing spaces like patios with outdoor kitchens that can act as outdoor dining rooms or cozy fire pit areas for evening relaxation. Each space can be tailored to fit the homeowner’s unique lifestyle, effortlessly blurring the lines between inside and out.

Find a Partner in Landscape Innovation

Whether you have an idea of the landscape design you want or need help deciding what’s best for your outdoor space, The Noll Landscape Group is here to help. We’re more than just a team of landscapers; we’re your creative partners, dedicated to translating these trends into a personalized haven that you’re proud to call your own. Whether you’re looking to start anew or simply want to rejuvenate your current yard, we bring you innovative solutions with a personal touch.

When it comes down to it, following the current landscape design trends is more than keeping up with the Joneses; it’s about making informed choices about your landscape that make your property and your life a bit better. Are you ready to explore the full potential of the outdoor space of your Indianapolis, Fishers, or Carmel area home? Contact The Noll Landscape Group at (317) 841-7559 or schedule a consultation online today, and let’s begin crafting the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.