Patios are a highly beneficial feature consider when buying or building a home. A well-designed patio will make your outdoor living space the perfect place for relaxing and entertaining. With a patio designed and installed by The Noll Landscape Group in Fishers, IN, you will reap three major benefits.


1. Entertainment Space

A patio instantly creates a gathering place for your family and friends. Therefore, we recommend building your patio in close proximity to the kitchen. This will make hosting and serving much more convenient. And the beauty of outdoor dining is that you don’t need to decorate – mother nature takes care of that for you!

2. Extended Living Area

Adding a patio to your home is like creating an extra living room, but without the expense of heating and cooling. Whether you use it to unwind at the end of the day or to host large gatherings, your outdoor living space provides some breathing room. Additionally, the footprint of your home will feel larger, making it more appealing to potential buyers and guests.

3. Low Maintenance

Other than an occasional cleaning, a patio requires little to no maintenance. Because patios are made of non-porous durable stone or concrete, they will stand the test of time without any fuss or muss. And winterization is extremely simple: don’t! At most, we recommend covering or storing your furniture for the winter to prevent it from rusting or dry rotting.

Customization Options

Every patio we create is unique. Customers can choose from flagstone, limestone, pre-cast concrete, or porcelain; and the patterns we can create are endless. Plus, the list of features you can incorporate into your outdoor living space is endless! We can create fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, water features, retaining walls, fully functional outdoor kitchens, and more. The only limit on your outdoor living space is your imagination.

Quality and Experience Combined

Our goal at The Noll Landscape Group is to create quality custom landscaping solutions and patio designs. We have been serving all of northern Indianapolis, including Carmel, Geist, and the surrounding areas, since 1990. To start the conversation about creating your custom patio, contact us today at (317) 841-7559.