Water FeatureYou’re ready to refresh your landscaping this summer. While you like some of your existing shrubs and the annuals you bring into the mix, you feel like it’s still a bit lackluster. Well, if you’re ready for a new dimension in your landscaping, our crew at The Noll Landscape Group of Fishers, IN, encourages you to consider these benefits of a water feature.

1. Expand your definition of landscaping.

When you hear the word “landscaping,” do you think mostly of planting flowers and trimming shrubs? While that’s certainly part of it, you are missing out on some other fun, architectural aspects of landscape design. A water feature is considered another landscaping tool and includes fountains, rain gardens, and more.

2. Enhance curb appeal.

A water feature creates more visual interest and intrigue than trees or plants alone. Plus, water features pair well with stone work or hardscaping, making your design even more versatile and appealing from the street.

3. Create a calming effect.

When you include a water feature in your landscaping, one of the major benefits is being able to listen to the sounds of the water. Many people find it to be a tranquil experience, especially at the end of a long day. You can install the water feature near a patio or porch, or near your bedroom window.

At The Noll Landscape Group of Fishers, IN, we can help you take your existing landscaping to the next level by creating a plan that includes a water feature. All you have to do to get started is contact us at (317) 841-7559. We’ll set you up to meet with one of our design experts, and in no time we’ll give you a full landscape design and estimate. Within weeks, you could be enjoying that water feature—and all the perks that come with it.