My grandmother always had the most beautiful flower beds and landscaping around her home. However, as she aged, managing all of the pruning, trimming, weeding, and mulching became too much for her. As such, every year my family purchased her the gift of professional landscape maintenance services. This allowed her to enjoy her lawn without risking her health or compromising on her home’s appearance. This year, treat your loved ones to landscape maintenance services from The Noll Landscape Group: it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Give the Gift of Landscape Maintenance

Protecting a Legacy

It is sad to see a beautiful lawn fall into disarray because the homeowner is no longer able to maintain it. Age, sickness, and disability take so much from our loved ones; don’t allow years of meticulous lawn care go to ruin as well. Investing in landscape maintenance for your loved ones protects the years of work and energy they put into their lawn.

Each Lawn Is Different

At The Noll Landscape Group, we understand that each lawn is unique. Thus, we create a customized maintenance plan for every lawn, rather than forcing a generic schedule. When you request a consultation, we will work with you to create a service plan that meets your specific space, needs, and budget. You can trust us to provide only those services that are truly essential.

Services We Offer

Seasonal landscape cleanup is one of our most commonly requested services. These services are offered in the spring and fall, and include:

Spring Cleanup:

  • Removing all debris, weeds, and leaves from beds
  • Spade edging all mulch beds and tree rings
  • Spreading a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds
  • Installing a fresh layer of mulch

Fall Cleanup:

  • Weeding all beds
  • Cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Removing annuals from beds, decorative containers, and pots
  • Removing leaves and debris from beds and lawn

Additionally, we provide bi-weekly bed maintenance, which includes weeding, deadheading, and sucker cutting. We also offer early and late summer pruning services.

Contact Us

To learn more about scheduling landscape maintenance for you or your loved ones, contact The Noll Landscape Group at (317) 841-7559. We also design and install an array of landscape features, including outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining walls and more. Located in Fishers, we proudly serve Carmel, Geist, and the surrounding northern Indianapolis area communities.