It feels like fall in Fishers, Indiana! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, and dew glistens on the grass every morning. But, fall also brings with it some important lawn and landscaping tasks. Here are 5 of the most important tasks we at The Noll Landscape Group recommend to our clients.

1. Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is essential for healthy lawns and flower beds. Before leaves become too thick, we recommend mowing as frequently as possible because mulched leaves provide an excellent source of moisture and nutrients for lawns about to go through a deep freeze. When leaves become impossible to mow, homeowners should rake and remove them from lawns and flower beds.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

2. Mow on Low

Speaking of mowing, don’t stop! Grass grows more slowly in the fall, but it is important to keep it cut for winter. Keeping your grass short helps your soggy lawns thaw out more quickly in the spring.

3. Cut Back Perennials

While perennials may still look green, it’s time to cut them. Cutting back perennials now makes room for new growth in the spring, and tidies flower beds for the winter. There are, however, some plants that benefit from a spring trim rather than a fall pruning. If you are unsure of which species to cut back, our team of experienced industry professionals will be happy to give you some pointers.

4. Remove Annuals

By this time of year, your summer annuals are turning brown. Their glory days are spent, and it is time to dig them up. Dead annual plants are an excellent addition to the compost pile, along with grass trimmings and raked leaves.

5. Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants

Perennials such as rose bushes and shrubs benefit from extra protection before the snow flies. Adding an extra layer of mulch at the base of the plants provides a boost of nutrition and insulation for cold winters. Wrapping plants in frost barriers also helps protect delicate foliage.

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