Fall is here, and everyone is scrambling to get their lawns ready for winter. With the help of The Noll Landscape Group, though, there is no need to panic. Our landscape design and maintenance services will keep your lawn in peak condition all year round. 

Landscape Design and Maintenance Services

1. Fall Maintenance Services

At Noll Landscape, we will make sure your lawn is primed and prepared to both survive the winter and thrive in the spring. Our team will remove weeds from beds, cut back perennials and seasonal grasses, and remove annuals from beds and decorative pots. We will also remove leaves and debris from your lawn and beds, and install fall flowers of your choice. We fully customize our landscape maintenance services and scheduling to meet your specific space, needs, and budget.

2. Add a Patio

Many people think that come fall, they have lost their opportunity to improve their outdoor living space. We, however, know that this is far from the truth! The cool, dry weather of fall provides perfect conditions for installing a new patio and walkway. Our wait list is shorter, and the work will have less of an impact on the health of your lawn. Plus, you can avoid the mud and mess of spring construction and have your new patio ready for use as soon as the snow melts!

3. Install a Fire Feature

Fire features are increasingly popular among homeowners, and for good reason. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits add ambiance, warmth, and lighting for outdoor patios. Our landscaping specialists can help you design the perfect fire feature to fit your needs. By adding a fire feature, you can enjoy the use of your patio well into the fall.

4. Lighting Is Key

As fall progresses, the days become shorter, making lighting crucial for outdoor entertaining. With the help of our landscaping specialists, we can improve the security, visibility, and overall appeal of your lawn and landscape with well-placed lighting solutions. Our team has years of experience and stays up to date on lighting trends and technologies; take advantage of our knowledge to enhance your lawn’s appearance and functionality year-round.

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Make the most of your lawn this fall with the help of The Noll Landscape Group. We proudly provide landscape design, installation, and maintenance services in Fishers, Geist, Carmel, and beyond. Call us at (317) 841-7559 for more information, or schedule a consultation online today.