Many homeowners dream of leveling out their uneven lawns. At The Noll Landscape Group, we can make your dream a reality with the addition of a retaining wall. Here are some of the top things to consider when designing a retaining wall for your yard.

Landscape Design Retaining Wall


Retaining walls add both esthetic appeal and functionality to sloped lawns. The purpose of a retaining wall is to create a level area while simultaneously holding back soil and diverting water. Walls are highly customizable, making them an attractive addition to all types of homes. And, to top it off, retaining walls are extremely low maintenance and can last for decades if properly installed.

Wall Materials

The beauty of a retaining wall is that it is customizable. Our team of landscape design experts will work with you to determine what will and will not work, and help you pick the perfect material to go with the theme of your lawn. Walls can be constructed with timbers, concrete blocks, stones, or poured concrete. Based on your choices, we can build as elegant or as natural-feeling a wall as you’d like.


Retaining walls are great for creating level outdoor living spaces on otherwise sloped lawns. We frequently design and install retaining walls to create flat areas for backyard entertainment, patios, and driveways. If your home is above street-level, retaining walls also provide an area for steps between your front door and the sidewalk below. Plus, retaining walls can be constructed to add privacy and additional seating for outdoor living spaces.


To add visual interest, many homeowners incorporate flowers and greenery along their walls. Oftentimes, homeowners request that our team create flower beds behind their retaining walls. Many people like to use climbers or drapers to soften the look of their hardscaping. We can also plant a variety of smaller perennials to create a multi-level garden above and below the wall.

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To learn more about the retaining wall design and installation process, contact The Noll Landscape Group in Fishers, IN. Our landscape design and installation services are not limited to retaining walls: we also create beautiful outdoor kitchens, patios, fire features, water features, outdoor lighting, and more. For all of your landscaping needs in Fishers, Carmel, Geist, and beyond, contact us today at (317) 841-7559 or request a consultation online.