You love the idea of waking up in the morning, getting your cup of coffee, and looking out your back window to see deer. They’re graceful creatures, and you enjoy seeing wildlife so up close. But you don’t love what they do to your lawn. Deer can quickly turn into pests as they begin to chew on your carefully manicured lawn or nibble from your garden. To keep the deer at bay, consider these few tips we’ve gathered here at The Noll Landscape Group.

Deer Control Tips

1. Add plants with strong aromas.

Deer have been known to dislike certain plants that have strong, distinct aromas. Two particular plants that have proven effective are marigolds and lavender. You can plant these on the perimeter of your property, at strategic entry points, or in areas where you most want the deer to stay away, like your garden. (If you need help finding the right plants or the right spot, be sure to hire a landscaping pro.)

2. Install a fence.

One of the easiest ways to keep out many pests is to install a fence. The fence doesn’t have to inhibit your view. You can find many different fencing options that will help keep deer out but also let you enjoy your property.

3. Spray a smelly mixture in the evening.

You can find many recipes out there to make your own organic deer repellant at home—and the stinkier the better. Common ingredients for such deer-repellant sprays include milk, organic dish soap, hot peppers, and eggs. A good time to spray your mixture is in the evening when you’re not out having to smell it too (and when deer are most likely to cause trouble).

4. Create some noise.

Deer don’t take well to strange or sudden noises. Whether you want to run outside occasionally banging pots and pans or set up a radio outdoors that’s set on a timer, find a way to make a little racket. 

5. Keep them guessing.

Deer aren’t dumb. Sooner or later, they’re going to catch on to your methods. So your best bet for keeping deer out of your yard is to try a variety of methods and intermix them.

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Photo credit: public domain via pixabay