The Noll Landscape Group specializes in professional patio design and installation. We work closely with clients to create outdoor living spaces that enhance curb appeal and home value. To maintain the integrity and appearance of your patio, however, you will have to engage in some regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Patio Design and Installation

1. Hire a Professional Patio Designer

Designing and installing a patio requires skill and expertise. If not done properly, there is a significant chance the pavers will lift, shift, and/or crack over time. Alternatively, our landscape design team will assess your lawn and plan a perfectly crafted patio for your needs. Our specialists design amazing creations with whatever material you prefer to create a durable and attractive patio that stands the test of time.

2. Routine Sweeping

Once installed, patios require a bit of routine cleaning to look their best. Sweep your patio often to keep dust and debris from accumulating on the pavers. 

3. Wash the Surface

In addition to sweeping, spray your patio down on a regular basis. Regular cleaning with the garden hose ensures dirt is fully removed and also washes debris out from between the pavers. If your patio becomes heavily soiled or is prone to moss or mold growth, use the pressure washer to achieve a more thorough cleaning. 

4. Biannual Deep-Clean

Each spring, we recommend giving your patio a good scrubbing with a gentle cleaner and soft bristle brush. This removes any mold that may have formed as a result of winter moisture accumulation and prepares your patio for summer. Then, during the fall, we recommend removing patio furniture from the area and giving it another deep cleaning to prepare for winter.

5. Seal Pavers Annually

After thoroughly cleaning your patio, allow it to fully dry. Then apply a sealant to the surface. Sealing your patio keeps bricks and pavers free of stains and helps prevent surface damage. Sealing your pavers also prevents dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the surface, making it easier to clean.

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