Tree PlantingIs your yard in desperate need of some trees? Well, before you start digging holes and doing some planting, here are a few tree-planting tips our pro team here at The Noll Landscape Group wants to pass along.


1. Pay attention to where you plant.

If you’ve chosen deciduous trees, plant them either to the south or the west of your home so you can take advantage of summer shade and fall/winter sunshine to heat your home once the leaves are gone. According to, this placement pattern could help you save 10 to 15 percent on your utility bills.

2. Consider aesthetics.

Trees serve some practical purposes, but they’re also there to enhance the look of your home. Be careful not to block the view of your home, but rather use them to enhance the natural features of your home. If you need help deciding what looks best where, you can always hire a landscape designer to help you map it out.

3. Layer plants to attract wildlife.

If you’re a fan of creatures, then layering trees (short, tall, and in between) will help attract animals and allow you to enjoy a little wildlife viewing.

4. Choose evergreens to block the wind.

To create a natural screen from the wind, consider planting a row of evergreens. They help slow wind down before it hits your home and create a natural barrier for your yard and for privacy purposes.

5. Think ahead.

Before you plant a small tree, think about what it will be once it reaches maturity. While it might look great at first close to your home, it could grow into an eyesore or even cause damage to your home if not planted far enough away.

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photo credit: public domain via pixabay