In Indiana and across the Midwest, there are a handful of plants, flowers, and shrubs that just seem to fare well. At The Noll Landscape Group, we like to incorporate many of these beautiful plants into the landscaping design plans for our customers. Not only do these plants tend to thrive in our area, but they are also easy to maintain—a huge plus for our customers.

While this list could certainly be expanded (see MidwestLiving’s original list of 25 plants), here are our top 10 we’d like to feature.

1. Daylily

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There’s nothing more exciting (and a better indicator of spring) than when the first few daylilies start to pop up. These hearty plants have beautiful blossoms to look at and are resilient year after year.

2. Hosta

You can find several different varieties of hosta plants, and they make great accent plants for any flower garden or landscaping bed. They’re reliable and can withstand many different conditions.

3. Switchgrass

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If you want some ornamental grass, consider switchgrass. It loves the sun and changes color with the seasons.

4. Geranium

Whether you plant them in your flower beds or use them in a hanging basket, you’ll love having geraniums around. They come in a variety of colors and do well in part sun or full shade.

5. Bluestar

If you have an area that gets a little bit more moisture, then consider whether a bluestar would be a good fit. These plants with the tiny blue blossoms handle wet areas well and tend to look good all summer long.

6. Coreopsis


You can choose from yellow, pink, or even bi-color blooms to add some color to your garden. You have to cut it back when the flowers begin to wither, but if you do, you can enjoy this plant for most of the summer months.

7. Coneflower

Homeowners who have added the coneflower to their landscaping have not been disappointed. Not only does this plant hold up in the sun and under drought conditions, but it also has a unique blossom that you won’t soon forget.

8. Aster

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This plant will bloom more in the fall months when many of your other plants might be done for the season. It’s great in dry areas and withstands rocky soil.

9. Weigela

Are you a fan of hummingbirds? Then you might like this stand-alone shrub. Not only does it blossom beautifully in the spring, but it also tends to attract those little hummingbirds you like so much.

10. Russian sage

This plant has a delicate blossom that can put up with the heat. It’s a great accent plant, but keep in mind that it does tend to attract bees.

Want to find out more about these plants or start making your summer landscaping plan? Contact our staff today at (317) 841-7559, and we’ll set up a time to walk you through all your options, including installation and maintenance. The Noll Landscape Group works with satisfied customers throughout Fishers, Carmel, Geist, Noblesville, and the greater Indianapolis, IN, area.


photo credit: all images public domain via pixabay